Learn About Cell Tower Lease Rates

Of all the kinds of leases in the world, cell tower leases are most probable the most common ones to the general public. Nonetheless, even when most people don't know about them, cell phone tower leases are exceptional assets and it is possible for ne to be sold for cash. A cell tower lease consist of an agreement between two parties which are the owner of the property having the space required for the installation of a cellular equipment and a wireless carrier provider. This agreement will grant the carrier permission to operate an equipment on the land of the property owner in exchange for rent.
There are a number of factors which determines the amount of renta de terrenos para antenas that the property owner will be paid by the carrier. This article will provide you with some of these factors which can help you in determining the amount of rent that the wireless provider should pay you.

The first thing which will determine the amount of lease is the torre de celular on the raw land sites. The most popular kind of cell site construction involves that of steel structure built on land that is leased from the owner of the property. The leased spaced it at most times from twenty by twenty to fourth by forty square. These figures represents the most popular dimensions of the spaces leased by carriers for the installation of cell phone towers. In the leased area there will be a cell tower, power, electronic cabinets as well as telco cabinets, all together fenced for the purpose of limiting access to the site. The raw land site requires that the carrier build a steel structure which is tall enough to support all the required antennas. These tower sites will command less amount of rent when compared to those ones in roof top sites since they are mostly located in city outskirts and these areas mostly have low density population.

The second factor that determines the amount of rent to be paid by the wireless carrier to the property owner as rent is the population  concentration in the region. In case the cell tower will be located in an with high concentration of people, then there are good chances for the land owner to ask for a higher amount of rent. A cell tower near a major city will call for higher rates since it will have a higher value for the wireless carrier. See more details about antenna at this website https://www.britannica.com/technology/omnidirectional-antenna .